Command reference

iPXE command line

The following commands are supported by iPXE. Commands may be entered at the iPXE command line or used in a script.

Boot commands
autoboot Boot system from network interface
Network interface commands
ifstat Display interfaces
ifopen Open interfaces
ifclose Close interfaces
ifconf or
Automatically configure interfaces
iflinkwait Wait for link-up
route Display routing table
nstat Display neighbour table
ipstat Display IP statistics
vcreate Create VLAN
vdestroy Destroy VLAN
Image management commands
imgstat Display images
chain or
imgexec or
Download and boot an executable image
imgfetch or
module or
Download an image
kernel or
imgselect or
Download and select an executable image
imgfree Discard images
imgargs Set image command-line arguments
imgtrust Set image trust requirement
imgverify Verify an image as trusted
imgextract Extract a compressed or archive image
shim Configure UEFI shim image
SAN commands
sanhook Attach SAN device
sanboot Boot from SAN device
sanunhook Detach SAN device
fcstat Display Fibre Channel ports
fcels Issue Fibre Channel ELS request
Configuration setting commands
config Start interactive configuration tool
show Display configuration setting
set Set configuration setting
clear Delete configuration setting
read Prompt user to enter configuration setting
inc Increment numeric value of configuration setting
login Prompt user to enter user name and password
Flow control commands
isset Test for existence
iseq Test for equality
goto Jump to script label
exit Exit current shell or script
User interface commands
menu Create menu
form Create interactive form
item Add menu item or form item
choose Choose from a menu
present Display interactive form
Certificate management commands
certstat Display certificates
certstore Manage certificates
certfree Discard certificates
Console management commands
console Configure console
colour Define colour
cpair Define colour pair
Request parameter commands
params Create request parameter list
param Add request parameter
Miscellaneous commands
echo Print text to console
prompt Prompt user to press key
shell Start new interactive shell
help Display list of available commands
sleep Delay for fixed period of time
reboot Reboot system
poweroff Power off system
cpuid Check x86 CPU feature
sync Wait for background operations to complete
nslookup Resolve host name to network address
ping Check network connectivity
ntp Get time and date via NTP
pciscan Scan for PCI devices
Obscure commands
lotest Perform loopback testing
pxebs Perform PXE boot server discovery
time Measure time taken to execute command
gdbstub Start remote debugging
profstat Display profiling statistics
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