Display configuration setting


  show <setting>


Display the IP address for the interface "net0"

  show net0/ip

Display the boot filename

  show filename

Display DHCP option 42 as an IPv4 address

  show 42:ipv4  # Option 42 - NTP server address


Display value of the specified configuration setting.

The value will be displayed according to the type specified as part of the setting name. For example, an IPv4 address assigned to the network interface “net0” can be displayed as a series of bytes:

  iPXE> show net0/ip:hex
  net0/ip:hex 0a:00:00:64

or as an unsigned integer:

  iPXE> show net0/ip:uint32
  net0/ip:uint32 = 0xa000064

or as an IPv4 address:

  iPXE> show net0/ip:ipv4
  net0/ip:ipv4 =

If no type is explicitly specified, then the setting's default type will be used.

The origin (and type) of the setting will be displayed along with the setting's value. For example:

  iPXE> show net0/ip
  net0.dhcp/ip:ipv4 =

In this example you can see that the IP address originates from the settings block net0.dhcp (i.e. it is an address assigned by a DHCP server), and that it has a type of ipv4.

See also


You can use the config command to browse through settings interactively.

To display only the value of a setting, without also displaying its origin and type, you can use the echo command. For example:

  iPXE> echo ${net0/ip}
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