Display IP statistics




Display IP statistics



Display IP statistics. The output will show various counters. For example:

  iPXE> ipstat
  IP version 4:
    InReceives:133 InMcastPkts:0 InBcastPkts:120 InOctets:32613
    InHdrErrors:0 InAddrErrors:0 InUnknownProtos:0 InTruncatedPkts:0
    ReasmReqds:0 ReasmOKs:0 ReasmFails:0
    InDelivers:133 OutRequests:16 OutNoRoutes:5
    OutTransmits:11 OutMcastPkts:0 OutBcastPkts:2 OutOctets:1544

The counters are a subset of those defined in RFC 4293:

Name Definition
InReceives Number of packets received
InMcastPkts Number of multicast packets received
InBcastPkts Number of broadcast packets received
InOctets Total number of bytes received
InHdrErrors Number of packets with header errors
InAddrErrors Number of packets not addressed to this node
InUnknownProtos Number of packets containing unknown protocols
InTruncatedPkts Number of packets missing bytes due to truncation
ReasmReqds Number of (fragmented) packets requiring reassembly
ReasmOKs Number of packets successfully reassembled
ReasmFails Number of failures occuring during reassembly
InDelivers Number of packets successfully delivered to higher-layer protocols
OutRequests Number of packets requested to be transmitted by higher-layer protocols
OutNoRoutes Number of packets for which no route could be found
OutTransmits Number of packets transmitted
OutMcastPkts Number of multicast packets transmitted
OutBcastPkts Number of broadcast packets transmitted
OutOctets Total number of bytes transmitted

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Build options

This command is available only when the build option IPSTAT_CMD is enabled.

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